Commodity Link Global Is an international commodity consulting company based In Nairobi, Kenya. We specialize In providing a service that facilitates global trade by helping companies source for genuine buyers and suppliers of various agricultural commodities and metals/energy products. We focus on creating and building long term relationships with seasoned and verifiable Industry suppliers In order to guarantee reliability In getting our clients what they need. To date, we have managed to build a network of strong and verifiable industry experts that can certainly supply a wide range of commodities. Our product offering does not end there, on request, we are happy to leverage on our resourcefulness and those of our trusted partners to find any commodity required within our range. Stemming from our activity in the minerals sector, we also offer match making services to potential investors for mining projects. The projects offered range from either for sales, joint ventures or off-take agreements. We welcome any new associates, customers and anyone who would like to partner with us on this journey to make sourcing for buyers and sellers more efficient in the global economy.

Verifiability backed by a result oriented and honest service that you can trust .

The keys for success of the company are:

• Well researched knowledge and analysis of commodity markets.
• Leveraging expertise and know how from our vastly experienced supplier partnerships.
• Extensive due diligence checks to know whoever we are dealing with.
• Flexibility in commodity sourcing and deal structure on a case by case basis.
• Working whenever required to deliver success to our clients.
• Understanding of buyers purchasing needs and requirements
• Complete transparency In the deal process.


As a 21st century business emerging in the era of globalization our partnerships with well established supplier’s spans worldwide which provides us with many options in securing our clients needs and structuring a deal.